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Aluminiowe kosiarki z napędem aluminium PRO

New ALUMINIUM PRO models with 51 cm cutting width for professional users. Machines designed for mowing large lawn areas of 2,000 m² and more, also for continuous use, offering a guarantee of unvarying cutting quality through time thanks to technical solutions including steel transmission, aluminium wheels and reinforced deck. The ergonomic handlebar, which is divided into two sections, optimizes manoeuvrability of the machine. The cutting height adjustment system (with a central easily accessible ergonomic handle), the plastic and fabric grass catcher (with fullbag indicator) are just some of the solutions adopted to maximize operator comfort.
  • Steel front bumpers with integrated carry handle to provide greater protection of the deck against accidental impact.
  • Large diameter aluminium wheels (208 mm front, 235 mm rear) with ball bearings and replaceable tyres; the smooth running high-grip profile ensures optimal traction on all types of terrain and constant quality through time.
  • Professional aluminium single-speed transmission for exceptional durability.
  • Newly designed cutting height adjustment handle for the maximum user comfort.
  • Centralized cutting height adjustment device controlled by a rugged and ergonomic handle to select cutting heights of between 30 mm and 70 mm (5 positions) easily and effortlessly.
  • Diecast aluminium deck 4 mm gauge: ensures low weight and high mechanical resistance to wear and corrosion.
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Nadwozie aluminium Pojemność silnika 196 cm³
Silnik marka/model EMAK K 800 OHV Szerokość koszenia 51 cm
Napęd Z napędem (3.6 Km/h)
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